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I have certainly put the HuJu tip through its paces: Just a couple of days after fitting it onto my cane (replacing the rollerball), we set out on what we thought would be a gentle Sunday afternoon dog walk. It turned out to be a 5 mile trek that tested HuJu on just about every possible terrain: Loose gravel, tarmac, paving slabs, ankle-deep sticky squelchy mud, grass, loose rough rocks and lots of sticky-up rocks, bricks and tree roots. It proved to be superb on all of them! With the rollerball, I probably would have given up and simply clung to Tim’s arm for guidance, with HuJu, I was able to navigate all the way. The tip only jabbed onto the biggest, roughest of the tree roots, where there was a ridge for it to catch on. The rest of the hazards were a doddle! This tip gives a much less intrusive but still very good audible feedback. It simply gives a gentle kind of constant rubbing sound as it glides across the ground, whereas the rollerball gives quite a harsh and irritating clattering. In my opinion, the lighter weight and gliding action gives a better tactile feedback too. I am certainly feeling even the slightest change in the surface beneath. I am impressed!
Tracey Clarke. January 2021

I’ve been very happy with the tip. My partner and I go for a walk around our village every night for around 20 minutes and it’s become my cane of choice for doing this. I think it would also be my go-to for any walk of any length.

Hoby February 2021

So far so good, with all the walking we do now, I have incorporated mud, snow, off road, footpaths and have to say it’s as good as any thing else out in the big wide world, still need to try in very long grass but other wise I’m happy using it

Dave Heeley February 2021